We first opened our doors in August, 1984 at our location on Monument Avenue near Willow Lawn. Twelve years later we had outgrown that space and had the opportunity to be among the first tenants at our current location at Short Pump Crossing, making us the first dental practice in Short Pump!

       We have seen many advancements in dentistry over the past 34 years. We now have digital radiograph technology which requires less radiation and allows the patient to see their teeth easily and instantly on large screen monitors to better understand their condition. We also have a digital Panorex machine which gives a full-mouth view and can be used to take radiographs without any film or sensors being placed in the patient's mouth.

       Today the patient has the choice of a variety of materials for fillings, including white or "tooth-colored" fillings for any tooth. We also use latex-free gloves.

       We continue to use local dental labs with years of experience who offer the best materials and craftsmanship when fabricating our crowns, bridges, and dentures.

       We are very fortunate to have excellent, talented specialists in the Richmond area who we have trusted to care for our patients when the need arises. Years of working together to provide the best possible treatment for our patients has resulted in a team approach for patients with complex conditions.        

       What has not changed is our personal interest in your dental and overall health. During your examination, we will diagnose your oral condition and offer the best options for treatment for your consideration.

       We look forward to an exciting future as dentistry continues to evolve and we welcome the opportunity to provide for your dental care.